The consulting missions to companies are varied and always specific to the demand you express.

We have developed a multidisciplinary system that allows you to optimize your projects. Based on a global vision allowing us to take into account the full extent of your problem, we define with you the framework of intervention from the start of the mission.

Examples: business strategy and organization consultancy; Transaction consulting; Consultancy in the takeover or transfer of companies; International development consultancy.

Certification of company accounts, consolidated accounts, commissioning of contributions mergers and auditor engagements are all legal missions allotted to the “creator of trust”, the statutory auditor.

Our teams carry out their missions in compliance with the fundamental principles of behavior specified in the code of ethics of the profession of statutory auditor while providing you with all possible recommendations within this strict legal framework.

Do you have an eye on a target entity you would like to acquire?

You have several companies or subsidiaries and you want to have a global view of your business?

Is your organization facing any dysfunctions or risks?

Want to optimize your processes to exceed your goals?

Auditor of numerous SMEs, associations in various sectors, our audit department puts at your disposal all its skills to guarantee the optimization of your operations.

Beyond the traditional missions of public accounting (book keeping, preparation of annual or interim financial statements, tax returns, tax audit assistance, etc.), our objective is to help you anticipate and anticipate through appropriate steering tools : Key financial indicators, costs, budgets … We favor the transmission of knowledge to your administrative staff and the adequate supervision