For more than twenty years, we have placed our values ​​at the heart of our corporate culture. They are the foundation of our vision of the profession and of our convictions. Our values ​​are both professional and human.

Our commitment ? To accompany you is our project for years to come, for enthusiastic entrepreneurs, through a quality human relationship.

Commitment is at the heart of all our actions. Associates and collaborators prove it at every moment in their capacity to decide and work with enthusiasm and dynamism, in their personal investment (via volunteer and pro bono missions) and professional for a collective success. Our commitment is to support our clients in all their projects. It is for us a real and constant involvement. Commitment also means having team spirit and an acute professional conscience.

Integrity is the primary motivation to be consistent with what one actually is. The synonyms of the term are numerous: honesty, morality, righteousness. The motto of the accountants is “science, conscience and independence”. We must uphold these moral and ethical values ​​which guarantee the sincerity and reliability of our missions, in a spirit of mutual trust and respect.

It is the capacity that is ours, in a productive exchange, to provide you a tailor-made service. Performing and listening, our teams are committed to being available. Proximity is also one of our strengths: present on two sites but also mobile, our employees are trained to meet present whatever your demand and your need.

Because our role goes far, far and certainly beyond what you can imagine, anticipation is our strength. We are also entrepreneurs, and we will dialogue with you as an entrepreneur.

Our training and experience encourage us to have a global approach to the strategies to be implemented to achieve the results you expect. A true strategic vision, because the future is built today.

To propose and be proactive, we mobilize our network of professional partners to implement all the solutions adapted to your expectations.

In a highly competitive environment, value added is used to designate the additional value that a company, through its business, is capable of bringing to a good or a service. But how to measure this value if not by the perception of it by our own clients? We believe that the value measured by a client, the value added, must be at the center of our concerns. Excellence, innovation, curiosity and open-mindedness lead to the creation of the value we bring to you.



The concertæ group is made up of 30 employees who accompany every day 600 clients of all sizes and sectors, French and foreign companies. Our teams work in the fields of accounting, auditing, corporate, social, legal and international consulting, both in the Alpes Maritimes region but also in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region or in Paris.