concertæ, acting together for more "value added"

Why concertæ?

At the beginning of 2016, the companies Gioanni International (in Cannes) and Fidaudit France (in Nice) regrouped their activities: from this project, led by Jean-Philippe Gioanni and Anis Nassif, was born the concertæ group.

With a rich and varied experience as well as a solid friendship of more than 30 years, they join forces with a clear idea: to be the privileged interlocutors of the entrepreneur and real players in the development of their company. By offering them all their know-how but also all the expertise of their professional partners (lawyers, notaries, bankers, consultants, …), they want to place the notion of “value added” at the center of their relationship.

Gérard-Louis Bosio, in Nice, accompanies them in this. They aim is to go further in the accompaniment of the head of the entreprise, in the quality of the service and in the satisfaction of the customer.


In a relationship of trust and proximity, they work to realize the ideas of the leader, working with him “de concert(æ)” (i.e. together) and satisfying his expectations.

With three partners, the group is more diversified, more oriented towards the notion of service than any other firm. The group’s environment is multicultural in various fields: consulting (tax, strategy, transmission, search for partners, etc.), certification (legal audit) and contractual audit (organizational, social, fiscal, …), accounting, training, human resources …

The team is composed of strategic and operational consultants, accountants, legal experts, multilingual collaborators, trainers.

The network is made up of lawyers, bankers, wealth managers, business leaders, consultants, all carefully selected for their human and professional qualities.

Omnipresent values and constant commitment

The values ​​put forward by the three partners are also present through their involvement in regional economic life: regional chamber at UPE06, Board of the Institute of Business Administration (IAE), Commercial Court, Italian Chamber of Commerce, foundations in the field of social, associations in the field of education, etc.

The collaborators are also involved in professionnal activities (Clubs of Young Accountants) or in local economic life (Junior Chamber of Economics).

concertæ is also committed to sponsoring numerous missions (support of the Racing Club of Cannes, 50 years of the IAE).

Local and international presence

concertæ is present in Cannes and Nice. The group is also a member of Inpact, a network created nearly 30 years ago to represent its 160 members in more than 70 countries. Local expertise and international presence are therefore the two components of the group’s success. Read more.