concertæ, acting together for more "value added"

In a relationship of trust and proximity, we work to realize your ideas, working with you “de concert(æ)” - i.e. together - and satisfying your expectations.

concertæ, orchestrate together your plans for the future

concertæ was born from a simple idea: to concentrate the best practices to accompany the success of the entrepreneurs and to engage with them and their projects, in a global way.

Our challenge today is to be able to mobilize our skills and our network so that our customers can concentrate more on their core business and develop: a constant and daily mobilization.

How does it work? You are the owner, the bearer of the need: you define your objective and the expected result, we do the rest!

As the project manager, we define the technical choices inherent in the realization of your project: the partners, the professionals to be solicited, the budget and the deadline conditions, according to the requirements of the goal to be reached. You have only one interlocutor, we take care of the other speakers.

concertæ, a cluster organization

concertæ is a high-level team composed of strategic and operational consultants, accountants, auditors, judicial experts, multilingual collaborators, trainers. But it is also the complete network of professionals, lawyers, bankers, business managers that we make available to our customers.

concertæ is a group of companies registered with the "Ordre des Experts comptables" (chartered accountant) and with the "Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes" (legal auditing).

concertæ, values ​​at the service of our customers

Our name underscores our values ​​and commitments:

A concert is a mixture of instruments, in a spirit of harmony. To act in concert is to act together and with intelligence. To accompany you, to support you, to be a guide, even an initiator, is our commitment of all the moments.